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Bosch 5k Recap (23:38)

This weekend I raced the 2nd annual Bosch 5k. This year the race sponsored the charity, Backpack Buddies. This is a program put on by the local food bank to provide kids with easy meals and snacks for the weekend. This year Bosch was able to provide $5,000 to the program through money raised with the race.

I signed up for this race a very, very long time ago when the price was only $20. However, I ended up finding out it was the same day as a race I did last year that I really enjoyed. So I was a little bummed about missing the other race. But, I decided to give it a try and at least this way, if they happen to be on the same weekend again, I’ll know which one to pick.

I was already discouraged when  a running friend of mine mentioned that at packet pick up there were no size small shirts. Most races will only do Unisex shirts and I already swim in the size small, so anything else and it’s just silly on me. So there was disappointment number 1. When I got to the table the morning of the race to pick up my shirt and bib, the race people didn’t even ask me what size I would like since there were no smalls, they just handed me a medium and sent me on my way. Thankfully the medium fits Tony, so not all was lost in the shirt. I ended up parking very far away because I saw a sign that said “5k race parking” so I used the distance to my car as my warm-up and jogged back there to put my shirt and race goodies away.

I kept my warm up light, with little bursts of speed. My right hamstring was still really tight from speed work that I did on Thursday night with Lana. I was hoping that our light recovery run on Friday would help loosen it up, but it didn’t. I even foam rolled and stretched like crazy. Oh well, lesson learned. Now, we do speed work earlier in the week. After my warm up jog, I did a bunch of my hip stretches. I’ve been working a lot on my right hip with my chiropractor and it’s thankfully getting so much better!

Before the race started they had a group stretching session and there were a few food trucks on site. I’m not sure about you, but the last thing I want to do before a race, is eat from a food truck. When we were done with the race, those food trucks were gone and one new food truck arrived. Very strange to me to have food trucks at the beginning of a race. I saw a few friends that I’ve raced with before and we headed to the starting line. This wasn’t a really big race. Especially since it was the same weekend as the Wild Things 5k and Myrtle Beach Marathon. It was easy to get to the front of the starting line.

The race itself kind of went, meh. I started out strong. Lana and I had talked about how I should start at a 7:40 pace and work on negative splits for this race. It never panned out for me. I don’t know what was going on with my pace this race. I looked down at my watch and it read 8:20 at the beginning, so I kicked it up a notch but it felt like I was running much harder than that. I ended up clicking mile 1 in 7:19, which was close to my goal pace. I wanted to aim for between 7:20 and 7:25. I was in second place at this point. I tried to keep up with the girl in first but I just couldn’t manage. I let her pull ahead of me and I tried to settle into my pace that felt right for me. Halfway through mile 2 I was feeling dead legs. Nothing about my race felt strong. Mentally and physically, I just wasn’t there. Mile 2 ended up being a 7:33 and I started feeling defeated that I was way off from my original goal pace. Which is very clear because mile 3 was a 7:48, which is my 10k pace that I can maintain without any issue. So why did that 7:48 mile feel so hard to me in a 5k? I’m just going to chalk it all up to the dumb hamstring and me not being in it 100% mentally. So I hit the 3 mile marker and sprinted the final .1 out. Lana is always great about reminding me that we can do anything for 1 minute. Which always gives me the boost to kick it at the end. 23:38 was not the sub 23 I was hoping for but I have to stop thinking I can PR every race. I guess I just wasn’t ready to hit this plateau yet. Time to start making all those speed workouts pay off.

I maintained second place for the whole race. I did check when we did the loops to see where the 3rd place female was. (We all know how competitive I am) I had a good leg on her for most of the race, which may have been a reason I slacked a little too. So when the race finished, I walked back over to the last leg of the race to cheer on my friends. Specifically, Reyna, who PR’ed at this race! I know you’ll read this Reyna, so again, GREAT JOB!  I love seeing my running friends crush their goals too. It makes these events so much fun when you can celebrate each other.

After the race, Reyna and I found a photo booth that we took silly pictures in. I grabbed a banana and we all chatted while we waited FOREVER for the awards ceremony to start. This race started at 9am and they didn’t have the awards ceremony till 10:45. That was far too long.  They had a fun raffle for a few grill items and a candle basket. I placed 2nd female overall and Reyna took home an age group award too. Now the funny part was, I was starving. All I wanted was to grab my medal and head out for food. Of course, a race not organized by racers means everything goes differently. They decided to announce each age category winners before doing the overall winners. That left me waiting till the very end for the overall award. Reyna and I had to laugh that it went like that when I was starving so badly I was getting Hangry.

Overall, it was a good race for a good cause.  I ended up walking out with a cool award and a fun time with friends and that’s all that I can ask for. The sub 23 will come, eventually. I was there once before and I’ll get there again. Thankfully, I have a great training partner who pushes me hard during our speed workouts.


Don’t forget that during all of this training I’m helping to spread the word about a newer non profit here in the Low-country called “Birthdays for All.” Their mission is to make sure every foster child in the area has a great birthday! Please stop by my fundraising page and make a donation if you can, my goal is to raise $1500 by the time I run the half marathon in Savannah. If you can’t donate, please share the fundraising page. It is beyond helpful in spreading the word.

Fundraising page: https://www.crowdrise.com/birthdaysforallfundraiser/fundraiser/michelleknopp 

More about Birthdays for All:






4 thoughts on “Bosch 5k Recap (23:38)

  1. I’m still really bummed I was sick and couldn’t do this race (and with lack of other races, means no 5K tuneup for me before the Bridge Run unless I leave town). But honestly, after reading your post and from what I experienced, this isn’t exactly a must-do race. I hate the shirt situation and also the food trucks… to me that seems like a way for a race to get out of doing refreshments, and usually I don’t want heavy food truck fare right after a run anyway (maybe a few hours later but not at the start or finish!).

    So if it’s the same day as Wild Things next year, I might choose Wild Things.

    You did a great job in the race, and congrats on 2nd place and a fun award. Even if it’s not the time you wanted just getting out there and racing is the best thing to do and good practice for the mindset to run fast when your legs are rested and ready to go :).


    1. I’m bummed you were sick too. I’m glad you got time to let your body rest and recover though. It definitely was not a must-do race. It was pretty, meh. I’m with you, next year I’ll do Wild Things for sure. I still don’t get the whole food truck thing with them being before the race.

      I hope you’re feeling better and good luck this weekend at Peyton’s race!

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