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Upcoming goals

I’m much better about sticking to my plans if I lay out my goals for the world to see. I think it gives me that extra push of effort when I know that the world is aware of what I’m hoping to accomplish. I have some great races coming up with some specific time goals in mind for them.


The Cooper River Bridge Run is only a few short weeks away. My initial goal with this race was to PR it. I ran the bridge two years ago and finished in 48:26, a time I wasn’t expecting at all. I hadn’t focused on speed work or any serious training. I did Hal’s 10K novice training plan mainly just to build up mileage. Now that I have an idea of what training for that race should really look like, I’m not positive I’ll PR this race. I have to give myself a little credit, I did just push a kid out of me 4 months ago. I know I’m really close to where I should be to PR this race but I don’t think I can get there in just a few more short weeks. To help me get as close to my record as possible here is what I plan on doing in the next 5 weeks.

  1. Run the bridge once a week, pushing at a moderate pace up the incline
  2. Speed work once a week focusing on my goal 5k pace which should help me get to my 10k pace as well
  3. Recovery, Recovery, Recovery. I’m really bad at this. The foam roller and my hip strengthening exercises are my main priority from now till the race. I got injured at the very end of the Bridge Run two years ago and I refuse to let that happen again

So for now here is what my goal for the Bridge Run looks like:

  1. Best Case Scenario: I PR that sucker
  2. Happy Scenario: I fall around my old time of 49-50 minutes
  3. Lord help me Scenario: Just cross the finish line


Next up: The AJC Peachtree Road Race 10K on July 4th

Since I don’t think I’ll be able to PR the Bridge Run in such a short amount of time, I’m going to extend my 10K goal to the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta on July 4th. Some obstacles I’m going to face is the heat, the humidity,  and the crowds. As the biggest 10K race, it’s going to be even larger crowds than the Cooper River Bridge Run. Thankfully though, my friend Reyna, who has run the Peachtree race before, let me in that they are very strict about their time waves. That means that everyone must verify their finishing times so I’ll be around other runners at my pace and be able to avoid tons of large walking crowds in front of me.

With the amount of time I have until this race, I think a PR is definitely possible. As long as I focus on my speed work and ward off any injuries, I should be able to PR this bad boy.

Finally the big daddy, Rock N Roll Savannah Half Marathon on November 5th

The last half marathon I did, I was 6 months pregnant. Prior to that I did the Sweet Tea Half Marathon in Summerville with a time of 1:53. The half marathon before that was the Francis Marion Dirt Dash with a time of 1:58. The best case happening would be that I PR this race with under a 1:50. Right now with my current long runs, if I work hard between now and November, I’m thinking I can run around a 1:48 but I’ll be happy with anything under the 1:53 current PR that I have.

There we have it. My big three races in the upcoming months and how I hope to perform. Of course I know that I can’t plan for things like weather, illness, and just bad days though. I’m trying not to put these goals on a pedestal and be extremely disappointed if they don’t happen. I just need to be happy that I’m healthy and able to race and work towards these goals, no matter how long they take me.





One thought on “Upcoming goals

  1. IMHO, the Bridge Run is a PR course… *if* the weather is nice, you start near the front, and you run a smart race. Most people go out too fast and die on the uphill. Honestly the only hard part of the race is getting to the top of the bridge, after that it’s all downhill (literally) then flat, and with so many spectators on the peninsula to motivate you, you can keep the pace up. The spectators and crowd support, and just having people around to pace off of and pass, or try to avoid getting passed, is a good way to run a fast race. So even if you’re not sure, don’t rule it out because you just never know what race day might bring ;). Good luck with the half too… you definitely have a lot of time to get ready for that and also that will be really far post-baby so should go well… let’s hope the weather isn’t like it was this past year though, yuck!!


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