Race recaps

Wando Hearts & Soles 5K (23:55)

Who  couldn’t love a race that had chocolate as a theme. I’ve never raced the Wando Hearts & Soles 5k before but the money went towards a great cause and there was the possibility of chocolate at the end. How could I resist? Christi decided to join me for this race as well, and it’s always fun to have a friend with you.

A little back ground on this race from the website: “Currently, the Charleston County School District provides schools with a $1000 grant for implementing wellness programs at the school. Wando has been a recipient of this grant for the last 4 years. While this is a substantial amount of money for many schools, it is a very limiting fund for a school as large as Wando.

With your participation in this race, Wando Wellness will be able to improve upon its yoga program for teachers, provide after school fitness programs for students, host health professionals from the area for informational sessions on nutrition and fitness, and increase the overall culture of wellness at Wando.

This is a non-profit fundraiser and all proceeds go to directly impact the lives of the students and staff at Wando HIgh School. “

Any race that is going to promote a healthy life for our youth is something I can fully support. Besides  the fact that the fee was for a good cause, we also got a really nice hoodie with our  registration. I have a ton of t-shirts from races that I never wear but a good hoodie I will get a lot of use out of. The race also came with the opportunity to win some chocolate from Tasty Image. The first 5 people to cross the finish line won a gift card to tasty image, the first 50 people won a chocolate coin, and the overall male and female winners got a giant chocolate trophy. I wasn’t fast enough for the bigger awards but I did manage to break the top 50 and bring home the chocolate coin for Fiona.

The race was very well put together. When we arrived at the school there were tons of volunteers directing traffic. The school was open so that we could use the restrooms and stay warm inside until the start of the race. They even had someone directing a warm up of exercises for everyone outside. The only glitch was a false start at the beginning of the race. Thankfully no one got trampled over.

The race course started through the parking lot of the school before heading out on to the main roads. I knew based on my training runs that I could post-pregnancy PR this race. I was aiming to finish under 25 minutes but based on my easy runs I had a feeling I could do even better than that. Within the first 5 minutes of the race I regretted leaving my gloves in the car. I didn’t take into account the cold win which we seemed to face the majority of the race. Aside from my frozen hands, everything else felt strong. My first mile was a strong 7:36, I knew I couldn’t keep  that pace the whole race but I was going to push myself to see how long I could sustain it. This was a race where I wanted to just see what I could do. Mile 2 I was settling back a bit more. I wasn’t leaving it all on the pavement like I should have. By mile 3 I knew that I was going to PR and I was still hitting a mental block to drive myself. Right at the end I got passed by two girls. Normally I sprint to the finish line but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself there and I let those two ladies pass by me. I could see the clock and realized I was going to finish just under 24 minutes and that gave me a small boost to kick it across the finish line before the clocked ticked to 24. I grabbed my chocolate coin and headed to cool down. The post race was kind of boring but the awards were nice. The top 3 males and females all got a giant chocolate in the shape of a trophy. All age awards were a nice pint glass.

Honestly, I am happy with  my time and my progress but I don’t think I gave this race all that I possibly could. I have another race in two weeks and I’m hoping that mentally I can push myself rather than just letting myself settle into a comfortable pace. With a time of 23:55 though, 3 months post-partum, I can’t really be too upset with myself. Hopefully with strong training I’ll be back into the 21 minute range soon!




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