The first donation!

It’s been a great week.  I was able to get the donation page set up, the blog started, and I’ve been in contact with Ben and Steffi, the people behind  “Birthdays for All”, about getting together so I could do a post about them and the organization. I’m so excited to get to know these two and share this experience with them. They seem just as excited as I am about the race and the fundraiser.

On top of a great week of getting things started, I had a great week of training. My first 5k race back from pregnancy was the  Cocoa Cup 5k back in December. My time for that race was 28:34. I was pleasantly surprised by a time under 30 minutes since I hadn’t had a lot of running under my belt since birthing Valerie. I’ll admit I had only been running for about 2 weeks prior to that race. My next race came on January 1st. I did the New Years race with my mother who was in town visiting. Two weeks of training shaved another minute off my time and I finished in 27:34. Two more weeks of training and I ran the Shrimp N Grits 5k recording a time of 25:34. Another two minutes shaved off my time! I’ve slowly been losing the baby weight, getting back into race shape, and training more and more. All of this just goes to show that with hard work and dedication, you can get back your old self. Although, I will say, I didn’t think it would happen this fast.

The last few weeks I’ve been training on the treadmill. I don’t think my treadmill is calibrated correctly because the effort outside that it takes for me to run 8 minute miles is the same amount of effort it takes for me to run 10 minute miles on the treadmill. This has caused some issues for me in really knowing where I stand out on the pavement lately. Since I’m a big baby and terrified of the dark, my only options to run outside right now are on the weekends when Tony is home to watch the girls. Last night I was so tired of the treadmill, I couldn’t even bare to think about running 4 boring miles on that thing. So I sucked it up, turned on every GPS item I owned (in case I was abducted by monsters) and I went outside for a run around my neighborhood in the dark. I decided to go easy because I have a race on Saturday. I pushed myself but not to the point of what I would in a race. I kept checking my race watch and consistently saw 8:00- 8:05 pace. I was so happy to see this pace and know that I wasn’t even pushing to 100%. My 4 mile splits were 8:23, 8:04, 8:05, and 7:53. I’m not doing great at pacing still but it will get better as my legs start getting back to normal.

To top this week off, I woke up this morning to the first donation towards my fundraiser! A very kind person donated $100 to kick things off. I am so thankful to Pam for her donation. She has made a foster child’s birthday extra special this year. With $100, I have $1400 more to reach my goal. I have no doubt that by the time I’m heading off to Savannah, we’ll have reached that goal. (Hopefully by even more!) I’m heading to bed early tonight as tomorrow is a race day. I’ll be racing the Wando Hearts & Soles 5K tomorrow with a sub 25 goal in mind. Look this weekend for my race recap!


Thank you again to all of you who are following along on this journey of mine. I’m so blessed to have such great support. If you would like to donate or share the fundraiser you can find it here.





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